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Zong Internet Packages 2024 | Daily Weekly And Monthly

Here are Zong Internet Packages including 2G, 3G, and 4G for all customers in Pakistan with low rates and high quality. You can avail of these Zong net packages for all your required time like monthly, weekly, daily, and other offers.

Since Zong has provided Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prepaid, and Postpaid net packages and bundles. Also, it has a Zong daytime offer and Zong goodnight offer and Zong WhatsApp Package, and Zong free IMO. Details of these Net Packages are given here in this article.

Zong Internet Packages

The Zong 4G range has grown to more than 100 cities in Pakistan, and this number is constantly increasing due to net packages. These internet packages include different packages like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages. It is the first company in Pakistan to install solar cell sites throughout Pakistan to promote Green Action.

The Internet is a thing by which different people connect with each other to communicate and to do their online work. So, here you can find the best packages to keep yourself online every time and stay connected. So, now we will discuss all the details below.

You can activate any of these package given below just by dialing the code *6464# and follow the instructions on your screen. So here are all Zong internet packages.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

In the daily internet package, Zong offers three types of cubes and other packages. The data limits and the duration of these packages vary. These apply to users who do not frequently access Internet users and want to download content immediately and it is best for daily users.

These packages have different data limits and durations. These are for users who do not use the Internet very often and want to download something immediately. These packages have fewer internet data or MBs so if you want to stream online, you should not activate these packages.

Check your package and enjoy smooth navigation in the online world without worrying about the low balance. Even for people from all over Pakistan, the data packages are very affordable. Check below the list of Zong daily internet packages.

Name Charges Data Code
Daily Basic Rs. 17 100 Mb *6464*1*1*1#
Daily Data Max Rs. 38 500 Mb + 500Mb (Youtube) *6464*1*1*2#
Daytime Offer Rs. 16 1200MB (4 am to 7 pm) Check below
Youth Offer Rs. 16 1200MB (1 am to 9 am) Check below

Enjoy smooth Internet browsing without worrying about an insufficient balance. Even for people from all walks of life, the price of data packages is very cheap.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong is always one step fast, offering affordable Internet packages to its valued customers. As a side of the Daily Internet Package, Zong also offers weekly Internet bundles for its users.

These Internet packages come with enough MB to cover a large number of downloads and uploads during the week. So, don’t wait and get these packages.

However, it does not contain any gifts. However, at such affordable prices, these Internet groups are very attractive to users. Check below the list of Zong weekly internet packages.

Name Charges Data Code
Super Weekly Rs. 165 2.5 GB *6464*1*2*1#
Super Weekly Plus Rs. 240 7 GB *6464*1*2*2#
Super Weekly Max Rs. 299 15GB + 15 GB YouTube *6464*1*2*3#
Mega Data Offer Rs. 100 (load) 100GB (1 am to 9 am) *6464*1*2*4#
Super Weekly Premium Rs. 302 30 GB Data + 100 Off-net Mins + 3000 Zong Mins + 3000 SMS *6464*1*2*5#

This will be very good for those users who are very addicted to the internet on a daily basis and can’t activate packages again and again.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong provides a large amount of monthly Internet for users who upload and download frequently. Therefore, the monthly data pack keeps them tension-free throughout the month.

They provide more validity but less data for the whole month. So, Customers don’t need to subscribe to the Internet offers over and over again. You only have to subscribe once and feel cold all month.

These Internet packages vary in price and duration, so you can take advantage of the packages you need at your convenience. Check below the list of monthly internet packages.

Name Charges Data Code
Monthly Mini Rs. 50 150 MB *6464*1*4*1#
Monthly Basic  Rs. 150 500 MB *6464*1*4*2#
Monthly Premium 5GB Rs. 500 5 GB *6464*1*4*3#
Monthly Premium 30GB Rs. 1000 15GB + 15 GB YouTube *6464*1*4*4#

Zong offers a large monthly online deposit for users who upload and download frequently. As a result, the monthly data package freed them from the stress of the whole month.

It is not necessary to subscribe to Internet services over and over again. Only subscribe once and catch a cold in a month.

Zong Internet Offers

Finally Here is some Zong internet offer including Zong daytime offer, Zong goodnight offer Zong WhatsApp pkg and Zong free IMO. Details of Zong net packages.

The goal of the Zong network is to provide its users with the entire digital world. Zong is considered the third-largest mobile service provider with approximately 25.6 million subscribers.

So, Zong offers a variety of 3G and 4G internet services to postpaid and prepaid users across the country. Currently, it has 21% of users in the telecommunications sector throughout Pakistan.

Name Data Charges SUB Code Validity
Zong Day Time Offer 1.2 GB Rs. 16 SMS “dto” to 6464 4 am to 4 pm
Zong Goodnight Offer 2 GB Rs 16 SMS “gno” to 6464 1 am to 9 am
Zong Youth Offer * 2.5 GB Rs 16 SMS “gno” to 6464 1 am to 9 am
Zong Whatsapp Pkg 300 MB Rs. 15 Auto 1 Day
Zong Free Imo 2 GB Rs. 20 Dial *7788# 1 Day
  • * Zong good night offer and Zong youth offer are the same offers
  • Zong Free Imo Unsub: Auto
  • Whatsapp Unsub Package: Dial *7788#

Zong Social Packages

Zong offers a fairly standard social package for users who want to stay active on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. You can also check Zong Whatsapp Packages.

If you don’t browse often and only want to use data from social networks, then these social packages are perfect for you. Zong offers very low prices for these social internet packages.

Due to a large amount of WhatsApp lovers, there is a monthly social package available for WhatsApp. Zong cares about your budget and wants to stay in touch with your friends on social platforms. Dial *6464# to activate these packages.

Name Charges Data (MB)
Social Pack Rs. 10 100
Classified Pack Rs. 5 50
Facebook Daily Rs. 5 50
WhatsApp Daily Rs. 15 300
Twitter Daily
Rs. 2 20

Zong Add On Packages

Here is the Zong all-in-one portal contains many services that can be used within 24 hours. Zong offers these internet packages that can be easily useable with only Rs 20. Get this complete daily package offer by dialing *6464#.

The valid daily package of the Zong network is designed for those who need to stay active on the internet. In the daily offer of Zong, you can enjoy free WhatsApp 24 hours, and the next day you subscribe again to * 247 #. Check Below Zong net packages.

Name Charges Data Sub
Basic Add-on Rs. 10 30 Mb SMS “ba” to 6464
Premium Add-on Rs. 20 80 Mb SMS “pa” to 6464

How To Check Zong Remaining MBs

You can check the remaining internet data or MBs of one of these packages just by dialing a simple code *6464#. Or you can simply visit the Zong MB check code to get to know how you can do it step by step.

Zong Net Packages

Zong always thinks that his clients are faster and more active. Currently, Zong focuses on providing services in small towns far from urban areas. Uninterrupted Internet services are available in most urban areas of Pakistan. It also provides the best call packages.

Zong always tries to offer its subscribers a reasonably priced mobile phone and SMS package. The company also offers its users unprecedented social networking packages, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Above, you have seen see a complete list of internet packages. Go official details on the Zong website.

You can see the list and choose the most affordable Internet package for you. So, here almost all the best Net Packages of Zong are reviewed you can find one for yourself. If you like these packages, share them with your friends and family.

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