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Warid Internet Packages | Daily Weekly Monthly 4G Net Packages

Warid offers Internet Packages including 2G, 3G, and 4G for all customers in Pakistan with low rates and high quality. You can get Warid offers in 2020 for all your need times like monthly, weekly, daily and also find other net packages. From all the networks, Warid 4G is was one of the best networks and now it has been merged with Jazz.

Warid is a mobile phone service provider in Pakistan and its offers are amazing. Warid launched and is a wholly-owned company of Pakistan Telecom. So here we will discuss Warid net packages. It has more than 24 million subscribers and covered in more than 10,000 locations in Pakistan widely.

Warid Internet Packages 3G/4G Daily Weekly Monthly-Warid Net Packages

Warid offers a variety of hourly, daily, weekly, 3 days, monthly Warid internet packages. So, In this article, we will check all the details of all the 3G and 4G Internet Packages or Warid net Packages. Because Warid 4G offers a large number of Warid Internet packages after merging with Jazz.

Warid Internet Packages

Warid offers a high speed 3G/4G web access. These bundles bring an amazing pace that is around 10 MHz range. You will adore utilizing any of them. Here you will get the bundle subtleties, cost, and volume and subscription code below.

Now Mobilink Jazz and Warid have merged and now Warid customers can also use Jazz Internet Packages. Find out the best Warid Net Package For You Below.

Warid Hourly Internet Package

In the first place, Warid hourly Internet Packages incorporate unique ideas for individuals who utilize the web sporadically. Assume, you don’t use the internet web much and you browse any social sites very rare. In such a circumstance, hourly internet packages will be very good for you.

Name Charges Code Details
Warid Hourly Extreme Package Rs. 10 *846# 2 GB
Warid Hourly 4G LTE Package Rs. 10 SMS DH4 to 7777 100 MB
  • The validity period is next 2hours and 4 hours respectively
  • Automatically expires after given hours

Warid Daily Internet Packages

Warid offers a handfull of everyday internet bundles for its clients, these bundles become convenient when the clients need to utilize bundles for one day just.

The daily Warid net packages are exceptionally helpful for understudies and individuals who are going for the throughout the day along.

Name Charges Code Details
Daily Mini Rs. 12 SMS 15 MB to 7777 15 MB
Daily Max Rs. 10 SMS UL to 7777 Unlimited
  • The validity period is 1 day
  • Dial *200*4# to check remaining internet data

Warid 3 Day Internet Packages

So, Warid 3-day bundles for its clients which enable its clients to be adaptable in utilizing the internet and play out their undertakings as and when required.

Warid net packages offer 3-day internet bundles that can be bought in under a moment, there are two bundles in a 3-day offer.

Name Charges Code Details
Warid 3-Day Browser Rs. 25 *117*1# 100 MB
Warid 3-Day Extreme Rs. 18 *114*14# 500 MB
  • The Validity is of 3 Days and (2 AM to 2 PM) for 2nd package

Warid Weekly Internet Packages

The weekly bundles are appropriate for a wide range of clients, and the organization offers 5 diverse weekly web bundles to its clients as indicated by their needs.

A portion of the bundles offer less information for typical perusing and a few bundles permit more information on the off chance that you require additionally downloading. Find below which bundles the best suit your needs.

Name Charges Code Details
Weekly Bundle Rs. 35 SMS WM to 7777 250 MB
Jazz Weekly Streamer Rs. 95 *117*7# 1 GB
Weekly Premium Rs. 140 *117*47# 3 GB
Weekly Mega Rs. 200 *159# 7 GB
Weekly Mega Plus Rs. 240 Dial *453# 10 GB +10 GB (2AM – 2PM)
  • The validity period is 7 day for Warid weekly Net Packages
  • Automatically expires after one week

Warid Monthly Internet Packages

Warid also introduced some monthly Internet packages. Some users don’t want to go through the subscription process over and over.

Warid provided them with long-term Internet service for a month. A fairly low-cost monthly package gives you incredible high-speed Internet services.

Name Charges Code Details
Warid Monthly Browser Package Rs. 160 *117*77# 2000 MB
Warid Monthly Streamer Package Rs. 300 *117*31# 4000 MB
Warid Monthly Premium Package Rs. 500 *117*30# 7000 MB
Warid Monthly Supreme Package Rs. 800 *117*32# 8000 MB
  • The validity period is 30 day
  • Dial *Code*2# to check remaining data

So, these packages are the same as Jazz Internet Packages. Check here Jazz Internet Packages. Check here Warid SMS Packages. Also, check How To Get Warid Advance Loan. If any problem please leave a comment below in the comment section.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Check here the official details of these packages.
  • Terms and conditions applied
  • For Balance Inquiry Dial *111#
  • For any additional query call 321
  • Thus, Withholding tax of 12.5% applies on recharge/bill
  • The default rate for Internet usage is Rs.2 per MB + tax. Charging pulse is 512 KB
  • Finally, Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Above all, Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting Sender’s Number to 9000 –PTA

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