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Punjab University College of Information and Technology is Located in the heart of Lahore next to the Anarkali Bazar and Mall Road. PUCIT is the largest university in computer science, information technology, and software engineering in Pakistan.

The college built a computer center in 1988 at the Solid State Physics Center at the Quaid-e-Azam (new) campus in Lahore. And at that time it started to provide its services to the students in the computer science field. For PUCIT Official Site Click Here.

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So, The first-degree program offered by the Center was a one-year Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Computer Science. And 24 students registered in this program during the first year. At that stage, the institute was offering only three courses which were software engineering, computer science, and information technology. You can also check PUCIT Aggregate Calculator below.

Software Engineering is a process of analyzing, designing and testing applications that meet these needs by analyzing user requirements through a software programming language. You will also learn about project management in professional life.

It is the application of engineering principles in software development. Compared to simple programming, software engineering is used for larger and more complex software systems that are used as key systems for companies and organizations. Check BSSE books by clicking on below button:

Computer science is the study of computer technology including both hardware and software. However, computer science is a large field. In this current world dependent on technology, almost all industries need skills in this field.

Therefore, the field of computer science is divided into multiple sub-disciplines, most of which are specialized subjects. PUCIT offers different books and coureses in the field of computer science like computer theory, hardware systems, software systems, and scientific computing. Check BSCS books by clicking on below button:

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a bachelor’s degree awarded in undergraduate programs. This degree generally requires work in the information technology industry. Degree programs in information technology usually last three to four years, depending on the country.

The degree focuses on topics such as software, databases, and networks.  The degree includes completing courses or books in software development, software engineering, web design, databases, computer networks, Security, and computer systems by PUCIT. Check BSIT books by clicking on below button:

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