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Warid Voice Craze Offer – Long Calls With Weekly Call Package

Warid Voice Craze Offer is a 7-day base offer provided by Warid Telecom for all of its customers. Through this offer, warid subscribers can make free calls to the warid warid network all week with this exciting offer. This is a Weekly Call Package.

Warid Voice Craze Offer
This Weekly Call Package, Now make free calls and talk more and more with family members of your friends and say it all with the weekly pack of voice madness.

When you subscribe, Warid offers you 200 free minutes for a whole week, with a cost of only Rs.110 + taxes. Subscribe to this offer today and do not have tension for a whole week.

Warid Voice Craze Offer

Subscribe: For the subscription, Warid customers can Activate this offer via IVR by dialing 321.
By dialing *100# for Rs 0.10 + taxes, Users can check their normal Rupee balance, as well as the balance of free minutes.
Un-Subscribe: For UN-subscription, simply dial 321. In case of any problem those warid users who have a plan to deactivate the offer. Warid customers can deactivate this offer by dialing IVR command 321.
Information: Talky Warid minutes can be used both in the network and in the network.
With the Warid Voice Craze package, up to 50 minutes of Voice Talky can be used.
Both to send and retrieve talky messages, the minutes will be charged.
Charges: Weekly rental charges of Rs.110 (exclusive of taxes) applied on Warid Voice Craze Offer.
Details: 125 minutes of calls on the network to all Warid numbers.
25 minutes of calls outside the network (landlines / other mobile operators).
50 minutes of the voice speaking.

Warid Voice Craze Offer:

Help Sending Warid talky message: Help listening Warid talky message:
1. Dial * phone number Dial *0* for all new messages.
2. Follow the voice prompts. Dial *1* for old messages.
3. Record the message. Follow the voice prompts.
4. Send voice message by press end or hang-up. Retrieve your Talky messages.

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