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GPA Calculator | Calculate Your College or University GPA

If you want to calculate your college or university grades, you can try our best GPA Calculator. Our simple and easy to use university calculator will help you to calculate your Grade Point Average or CGPA and it helps to keep your studies best in your school. It works with university studies and even if you are taking classes through the Internet.

To calculate GPA you can follow the given method. It is very simple and easy you just need to enter your marks and credit hours for the course to get the GPA.

How to Calculate GPA

  • Select Your Number of courses for the current semester
  • Enter obtained marks for each subject
  • Also, enter the credit hours for each subject
  • Click on Calculate button at the end of the GPA Calculator
  • You will get your GPA for the current semester
  • Check the below table for grade letters and grade points
  • Marks below than 50 or a grade letter F gives zero Grade Point

College or University grade point average (GPA) is generally calculated by dividing the marks you gain from a subject by the total amount of credit hours you have taken for that semester. This GPA or grade point average may vary from 0.0 to 4.0 and maybe more in some colleges. let’s see how this GPA Calculator works.

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator

So, let se an example of how GPA is calculated for a student who is studying the following subjects. First, we will find the grade point by multiplying the credit hours of a subject to its respective grade point. Then we will find the total credit hours and total grade points and divide them to get the GPA. This can be easily done with this GPA Calculator.

Course Credit Hours Grade Grade Point
Course 1 3 A 12
Course 2 3 B 9
Course 3 3 F 0
Course 4 1 D 1
Total Credit Hours = 10 Total Grade Points = 22

This GPA Calculator will work on this formula to calculate GPA.

  • Calculated GPA = Total Grade Points / Total Credit Hours
  • GPA = 22 / 10 = 2.2

You can also check Final Grade Calculator.

How To Improve GPA

There is no certain method for raising your GPA, and methodologies that work for one individual may not work for another. But there are some basic rules and study propensities that can be useful when attempting to raise GPA. After improving your CGPA you can again calculate with this GPA calculator.

It’s also important to consider how classes jump affects your studies. This means that your attention to yourself will affect your performance and may weaken your eligibility. If you are absent from class, you will be treated as disrespectful of teachers and subjects. So, that why teachers also don’t compromise to improve your grades even from a point.

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