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Zong Hybrid Bundles – Get Free Minutes SMS And Internet Data

Zong offers Zong hybrid bundles for Voice, Internet, and SMS. So, Zong presents Zong hybrid bundles offering joined benefit of totally free minutes, totally free sms and totally free internet data at a single price of the bundle. Along with 4G- enabled data bundles, you should also subscribe to 4G allowed hybrid bundles individually. Even more, The hybrid bundles offer a unique deal for our user Off-net calls are not contained in Zong hybrid bundles, rest of all the features are offered in hybrid bundles by Zong. Additionally, Zong hybrid bundles can be found for both Zong 2G and Zong 3G customers which include.

Zong Hybrid Bundles

Therefore, These bundles are classified into 3 bundle categories:

  • Zong hybrid bundle.
  • Zong youth hybrid bundle.
  • Also, Zong professionals hybrid bundle.

Zong Hybrid Bundles

 Zong Hybrid Bundle Home 1 (Monthly) Home 2 (Monthly)
Subscription: “Home1” to 6565 “Home2” to 6565
Un-subscription: “Unsub Home1” to 6565 “Unsub Home” to 6565
Data 2GB 4GB
Voice Unlimited (on-net) Unlimited (on-net)
SMS 500/day 500/day
Price Rs. 599/Month Rs. 799/Month

Zong Youth Hybrid Bundle

 Youth Daily Bundles Youth Daily 1 Youth Daily 2
Subscription: “Daily 1” to 6565 “Daily 2” to 6565
Un-subscription: “Unsub Daily 1” to 6565 “Unsub Daily 2” to 6565
Data 80MB 30MB
Voice 75mins (on-net) 0.9/hour (Circle Club)
SMS/MMS 500SMS/100MMS Unlimited SMS (Circle Club to Circle Club)
Social Pack FREE NA
Price Rs. 25.99+tax/day Rs. 10.99+tax/day

Zong Professionals Hybrid Bundle

 Professional Bundle Professional (Monthly)
Subscription: “Pro” to 6565
Un-subscription: “Unsub Pro” to 6565
Data 1GB
Voice Unlimited (on-net)
SMS 500/day
Price Rs. 499+tax/Month

How To Subscribe Zong Hybrid Bundles:

Menu Title Keywords Codes
Youth Daily 1 Daily1 *6565*1#
Youth Daily 2 Daily2 *6565*2#
Professional – Monthly Pro *6565*3#
Home 1 Monthly Home1 *6565*4#
Home 2 – Monthly Home2 *6565*5#

How To Un-Subscribe Zong Hybrid Bundles:

Unsub Keywords Code Send To
Youth Daily 1 Unsub Daily1 6565
Youth Daily 2 Unsub Daily2 6565
Professional – Monthly Unsub Pro 6565
Home 1 Monthly Unsub Home1 6565
Home 2 – Monthly Unsub Home2 6565

Terms and Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions applied
  • So, This was all about Zong Hybrid Bundles.
  • Download My Zong App for easy access to all Zong Packages
  • So, For any additional information about Zong Hybrid Bundles call on zong helpline 310.
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting SENDER’s NUMBER to 9000 –PTA


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