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Sad SMS Poetry in URDU and English – 2 Line Poetry

Sad SMS Poetry is a very beautiful and interesting type of poetry. It includes very different facts about the real and unreal life of humans. So in this article, we will see some beautiful lines of sad sms poetry which you can send to your friends and relatives to amaze them.

Socha nahi acha bura dekha suna kuch bhi nahi
Manga khuda se raat din tere sewa kuch bhi nahi

Ghazal is a set of 3 lines that must finish at exactly the same style and must be in the pattern of ghazals. The ghazal formation must have at least five pairs of lines with some beautiful or sad message. A pair of lines can also have a distinctive idea. This may be the most difficult form of poetry because many strict rules must be met while writing Ghazal.

Sad SMS Poetry

Due to the cultural influence of Asia, Urdu poetry took many areas around the world. Singing Ghazal and Qawwali is also an important form of interpretation of Sad poetry.

Bollywood movies have played an important role in the popularity of Urdu Sad SMS poetry and the younger generation of the world.

Sad SMS Poetry URDU

Poetry is one of the things you provide something to read poetry books. You use poetry to identify your personality, and then you will feel the true meaning of poetry.

Writers often point out the poetry of the essentials. Here are some sad poetry sms that you can read and can enjoy. Check below a quick 2 Line Poetry.

Un ki tasweeron ko sine se laga lete hain
Is tarah judayi ka gham mita lete hain

Poetry SMS in Urdu

Poetry is one of the freest and good ways to express your emotions at any time. You can show your feelings to others using Sad SMS Poetry by sending sms. Most of the Urdu sad Shayari, sentimental Urdu poetry or romantic poetry depends on someone’s mind and appearance.

So, you can try this kind of poetry to listen to or read and feel yourself. So there are some 2 Line Poetry SMS that you can enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

Sad SMS Poetry

Chupane se nahi chupta, dikhane se nahi dikhta ,
Ye atish-e-ishq hai is mein bahana ho nahi sakta..

Hum Toh Hare Hain Auro usko hatane ke liye Warna
Dil Mein mein itney Dard Hain Ke Roya Bhi Nahi Jata

Abhi tuk yaad ker rahay ho pagal ho tum qasam se
Us ne tu teray baad bhi hazaroon bhula diyay

Ghar Jab Bana Liya Tere Dar Par Kahay Beghair
Jane Ga Ab Bhi Tu Na Mera Ghar Kahay Beghair

Best Urdu Poetry

Sad poetry is the best type of Urdu Poetry that is a manifestation of sadness and dissatisfaction experienced by everyone in their daily lives.

The best way to express your true sorrow is to listen, say or share poetry by sms to your friends or others. In the Era of Urdu Poets, every poet talks about a specific collection of sad poems, and when you feel frustrated, you can connect these poems.

best urdu poetry

Sad moments happen and leave life, and the way we deal with pain depends on us. Some people try to overcome their minds by feeling the darkness and loneliness. You can also check these best sad sms poetry lines.

Arz Niaz Ishq Ke Qabil Nahi Raha
Jis Dil Pe Naaz Tha Muje Wo Dil Nahi Raha

And at that time, some people find comfort in sad Urdu poetry. This is the best process when you feel sad, you will read or write sad Shayari and let others feel the same. So, check out this 2 Line Poetry band est sad Urdu Poetry Lines in English below.

Tears so wet blood so thick I can bearly walk
Feeling so tortured and emotions so torn


Sad SMS Poetry that there is no doubt that sadness is the most common and most emotional feeling. Everyone will find moments in life that will make them feel sad and depressed. Depression and pain occur due to grief. Lose your loved ones, miss opportunities, end long-term relationships and more.

Jaanta Hai Ke Wo Na Aayen Gey
Phir Bhi Masroof-e Intezaar Hai Dil

These events can bring sadness to a person’s life. The sad SMS Poetry service allows users to correctly express their pain. You can find the Urdu sad poetry options package on this page, which can be sent to your loved ones and friends through your mobile phone. Also, Read some Heart Touching Quotes.

So, Sad poetry in Urdu can be a good way to show their feelings about the world. The best way to express your sadness or feelings is to write some poetry in your language.

The tragic image of Urdu poetry provides you with the right direction to express emotions and thoughts in simple language. The sad poetry in Urdu is a platform for telling emotional legends and also provides obstacles for you.

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